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Big Bob Young Makes International Debut With Good Old, Toe-Tappin' Uptempo Single, "Green County Stomp"
Big Bob Young  photo R.RussellNashville, TN (August 27, 2008) - Big Bob Young makes his   international country radio debut via the September HotDisc, with a good old, toe-tappin' uptempo number called "Green County Stomp."  Produced by Jeff "Stick" Davis, Michael Webb and Carlton Moody, the single is awash with bright, crisp instrumentation and energy-charged vocals. Set "way down south in Mississippi," Bob was inspired to write the song following a performance at a rural Veterans' of Foreign Wars hall.  "A friend's father was there," Young recalls.  "And he had a real unique style of clogging that he called 'stompin.'" 

"Stompin'" it is: heavy on the percussion and filled with enough dips and whirls to make your head spin. "Green County Stomp" will have you slappin' your thigh and singin' along by the  second  verse
Way down south in Mississippi,

oh some where near the swamp
There's a little town called Leakesville,
and the people there love to stomp
Oh and you can play for hours pickin' the wildwood flower
The people hollerin' please don't stop,
'cause the party's just begun and boys we're havin' fun
doin' the green county stomp (Young)
A native of Missouri, Big Bob has been playing guitar, writing songs and singing since his teens, but the demands of family (and life) kept his music on the back burner for many years.  A career military man and Bronze Star recipient, Big Bob played mostly on weekends until the death of his wife two years ago.  "Losing my lovely wife made me realize that if I was ever going to do something with my music, it was time to get off my duff and get busy," Big Bob says.  "Life is too short."  Young wasted no time; he called up his old friend Stick Davis, and set the wheels in motion for this single, and an upcoming CD. 
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                                                                                                (Photo credit: Rusty Russell)