Mark Wayne Glasmire

With a voice as comfortable as your favorite old shirt and as warm as springtime, Mark Wayne Glasmire has all an artist needs to touch a listener’s heart. His songs are garlanded in rainbow harmonies that bring The Eagles and CS&N to mind. His lyrics have a rare universal appeal, to lovers of all ages. Women feel his respect and attention; guys wouldn’t mind sharing a few stories with him over a beer or two. All that rings true on Can’t Be Denied, which releases this fall.


Current Single: “I’ve Got A Feeling” (July 18, 2018)
New CD: CAN’T BE DENIED (October 12, 2018)



MWG PR shot #1 by John Albani (Hi Res jpeg)

MWG PR shot # 2 full length by John Albani (Hi Res jpeg)

MWG PR shot # 3 by John Albani (Hi Res jpeg)

I’ve Got A Feeling Single Cover (Hi Res jpeg)

CAN’T BE DENIED Album Cover (Hi Res jpeg)

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