The road between Maceo, Kentucky, and Nashville is a ribbon of family memories and musical accomplishments for Marty Brown. In the early ‘90s, that well-traveled pathway led to a major label record deal, multiple Grand Ole Opry appearances, and an international following that embraced his traditional approach to modern country music.  “Typical thing you hear every day – a country boy comes to Nashville trying to make it. Well, that was me,” Brown says. “I didn’t have a producer, I didn’t have a million-dollar backer, I didn’t have anything. I had a lot of raw talent and drive from what God gave me. And I remember I did it the hard way, I really did. I didn’t know any other way to do it.” At the end of the ‘90s, Brown essentially walked away from performing to spend time with his family and work on his songwriting. After spending more than a decade off the radar, he’s returned with American Highway, his first album for Plowboy Records. Brown’s country baritone has retained its versatility, while the new material stretches from good-time tunes and party anthems to heartbreak songs and country blues ballads. Brown co-wrote and co-produced the album with Jon Tiven.


Current Single “Umbrella Lovers”





Marty Brown PR shot (denim shirt) Courtesy of NBC Universal (Hi Res jpeg)

Marty Brown PR shot (Crossroads) by Mike Brown (Hi Res jpeg)

Marty Brown PR shot (sitting in Chevy Truck) by Mike Brown (Hi Res Jpeg)


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