Denny Strickland


What is it that makes the music of Denny Strickland so different? On the surface there’s no mistaking where he’s coming from. Born outside of Jonesboro, Arkansas, he’s rooted in country music. His singing achieves that blend of assertion, melodiousness and sensitivity that all male singers pursue but few attain. But the more you listen, the more distinctive his work becomes, particularly on his upcoming album. Qualities come to mind that seldom connect with today’s mainstream country: intensity, urgency. In his lyrics and the way he delivers them, Denny Strickland makes his passion clear. He’s a romantic committed to touching every heart he can reach.

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Current Single: “We Don’t Sleep”

Upcoming CD: California Dreamin’



DENNY PR Shot by Chuck Arlund (Hi Res Jpeg)

We Don’t Sleep single artwork (PNG file 11 MB)




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