Bernie Faulkner


A couple of years ago Bernie Faulkner was up at the farm, as he often is.  It hasn’t changed much since he grew up there in eastern Kentucky: spacious front porch and deck on the old house, lots of open space, tall grass rippling in the wind, weathered black fence and the family cemetery nearby, at a place called Red Hill.  “Heaven on Earth,” he calls it.  Just thinking about it brings a faraway look to his face for a second.  Then he comes back from there to finish telling the story of how he began work on Pot Belly Stove, his first bluegrass release and the latest of a long line of albums he has recorded as both a solo artist and a member of the rock/country supergroup Exile.

Current Single:  “Pot Belly Stove”


BERNIE FAULKNER PR headshot by Eva Bennett (Hi Res jpeg))

BERNIE FAULKNER PR shot on swing by Eva Bennett (Hi Res jpeg)

“Pot Belly Stove” Single artwork (Hi Res jpeg)


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